About Us


We defined specific strategic targets:

  • Profitable sustainable growth above market average for our main markets,
  • Aggressive (organic or non-organic) growth in diversified markets with high growth potential,
  • Expand into services and production/converting for integrated solutions to our Customers, Inspired Business & Digital transformation for maximum effectivenes of adoption of new models,
  • Continuous leverage of company assets for top efficiency of our investments,
  • Establish culture for ensuring Employee engagement, retaining Ethical Business & Social Responsibility.


  • Our vision is to achieve in becoming a large organization with activities within and outside Greece and into diversified profitable growing markets with the perspective of providing benefit to all our Stakeholders.


  • The approach of each and every customer with decisiveness and cooperative spirit for the supplying of solutions, everywhere, anytime and in every way possible. Open and fertile cooperation with our suppliers. Finally, the trinity team is Spirit - Responsibility - Innovation.

All of the above allows us to establish and maintain longtime relationships with our customers, based on mutual respect and mutual benefit.

Every member and business unit at Innvestio Hellas, is constantly at your disposal for anything you might need.